M231801X, F/R CCD Axle Ass'y XL Set 1pcs.


M231801X, F/R CCD Axle Ass'y XL Set 1pcs.

A heavy somersault, being caught on the edge of the track or unwanted contact with a colleague, we all know that.
Unfortunately, something like this can always end badly with a failure!
MCD now wants to prevent this with the new conversion kit for the CVD axles in an "XL version".
Because these are even more stable than the previous ones.
For example, the drive shafts became approximately 1.6 mm thicker at the most important point.
The connecting pin now has a considerable thickness of 5 mm, making breaking of the pin in extreme stress situations a thing of the past.
But that's not all, because we have also developed in terms of wear and tear.
There are now 3 replacement positions in the wheel axle instead of 2, and due to the larger radius of the pin and its considerable thickness, wear is kept to a minimum here.

Technical Specifications:

Thick shafts for maximum robustness.
3 disappearing wisselposities op de wielas.
Bigger radius op pen & gaten.
It lengthens the lifespan of one as enormously.
5 mm thick pin for maximum duration.

Scope of delivery:

2x Axles.
2x Wheel axles.
2x CCD Connectors
2x Pen.
4x Special ball bearings.
6x Bullets.

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