M231003A, Wheel Drive Block 24mm +10mm Offset (Opt.) 2pcs.


M231003A, Wheel Drive Block 24mm +10mm Offset (Opt.) 2pcs.

With this wheel spacer, the vehicle can be built 10mm wider.
Due to the rules, this is essential, especially in the short course class.
Depending on how the other setup turns out on the short course, it is also advisable to drive +10mm at the front and +7mm at the rear so as not to have a wider rear than front axle.

In combination with the +7mm or the standard drivers (0mm) there are also setup options for the buggy.
Because a wider front axle than the rear axle also means a gain in performance.
The car is less prone to tipping, gets more steering and is a little smoother all around on the track.
For example, +10mm can be used on the front axle and +7 or 0mm (standard) on the rear axle.
If that's too much for you or if the rules don't allow it, you can also use +7mm on the front axle and 0mm (standard) on the rear axle.

As you can see, there are numerous options, you will be more than pleasantly surprised by the result... !

The new wheel carriers also have an extra safety feature.
The set screw is used to lock the pin to prevent it from being accidentally pushed out.

Matches on:

MCD RR5 Line.
MCD XR5 Line.
MCD W5 Line.
MCD XS5 Line.

Scope of delivery:

2x Wheel carrier 24mm +10mm Offset.
2x Pin 5 x 20mm.
2x Setscrew M4 x 16mm.

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