ARA7116V2, ARRMA 1/7 limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller 8S 1pcs.


ARA7116V2, ARRMA 1/7 limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller 8S 1pcs.

Replacing the original LIMITLESS™ 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed ??Bash Roller, this new evolution of the LIMITLESS Speed ??Bash Roller has been "designed FASTER" so you can reach higher speeds than ever before! ARRMA® engineers have already upgraded the Proven LIMITLESS platform to accommodate bigger motors and bigger ESCs - simply add your electronics to create a superlative RC car This is the new king of speedbashers!

In fact, the LIMITLESS 1/7 All-Road Speed ??????Bash Roller came out victorious in a head-to-head race with the car of the real world champion, the Red Bull Racing RB7 Formula 1 car.
He reached speeds of up to 250mph and ran the quarter mile in just 8.6 seconds!

By choosing your own electronics package with the LIMITLESS 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed ??Bash Roller, you can customize the drive system to improve your speedrun skills.
ARRMA has refined this chassis with gear and engine mounting components optimized for 8S high-speed runs.

New features on the LIMITLESS platform include a 3mm anodized aluminum chassis plate that relocates the engine mount to accommodate longer engines.
The easily accessible sliding motor mount accommodates larger diameter motors with optional motor mounting plate, while the electronics module accommodates larger ESCs and includes a waterproof receiver box.

Additional changes have been made to increase driving stability for confident control at high speeds.
The 39T Mod 1.0 long rear outdrive spool has a shorter rear center driveshaft for equal length center driveshafts for less drivetrain vibration.
GP5 transmissions with a lower ratio reduce driveline speed and vibration.
Stiffer front springs and anti-roll bars improve handling at high speeds and a wider rear track increases stability.
Inheriting the original LIMITLESS, oil-filled big-bore shocks on black-anodized front and rear shocks keep dBoots® Hoons™ all-road tires firmly on the ground and provide maximum traction on road, off-road, loose gravel and short-grass -, unpaved and oval tracks.

The LIMITLESS 1/7 scale all-road speed bash Roller is not only the fastest ARRMA speed bash vehicle, it is also the first ARRMA "spray can finish Roller".
The low-drag body comes unpainted and can be customized with your own unique paint scheme. Window cover film and decals included. Trim marks on the front and rear wing facilitate downforce/drag matching.

The ultimate RC speed experience is here.
Install the electronics of your choice, paint the bodywork in your favorite colors and build your own superlative high-speed RC car with the ARRMA LIMITLESS 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed ??????Bash Roller!

New features:

Another number of available motor controls for motors with a larger diameter.
3 mm chassis plate allows the motor control to be placed on longer engines.
39T Mod 1.0 spoel with long outdrive aft combined with a cortere centrale aandrijfas aft om trillingen van de aandrijflijn te reduce.
The combination of electronic modules is sent to larger ESCs in the presence of a waterproof* component box.
Safe-D-ingangscups op voor- en achterversnellingen.
GP5-versnellingen raises a warehouse overbrengingsverhouding for a warehouse snelheid in the middle of the aandrijflijn and less trillingen in the aandrijflijn.
A bredere spoorbreedte aft verhoogt de stability.
Stijvere voorveren en stabilizer bars beteren het rijgedrag bij high snelheden.
The first ARRMA "spuitbus-afwerkingsroller" has a door body with little resistance to its own unique afwerking - including rear cover foil and stickers.

Proven Features:

Tunable Aerodynamics - Trim marks on the front and rear wings make it easier to balance downforce and drag.
dBoots® Hoons™ All-Road tires on Speed Dish wheels included.
Two large battery straps with two angled Velcro straps provide reliable battery retention.
Chassis bracket from front to back increases the longitudinal stiffness of the chassis.
High performance servo saver.
Durable steel drive shafts.
Large bore aluminum shock absorbers.
Black anodized front and rear shock towers.
Independent double wishbone suspension front and rear.

Technical Specifications:

Ball Bearings: Rubber Shielded Bearings.
Chassis: 3mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Completion Level: Roller.
Drivetrain: 4WD.
Product Height: 6.5" (165 mm).
Top Speed: 110+.
Tire Compound: White.
Wheel Hex Size: 17mm.
Body: LIMITLESS. Supplied Clear & Trimmed.
Decal Sheet: Included.
Brakes: Integral with ESC (ESC Sold Separately).
Scale: 1/7.
Approximate Assembly Time: 1-3 Hours.
Rear Track: 12.28 in (312mm).
Speed Control: Sold Separately.
Wheelbase: 15.98" (406 mm).
Power Type: Electric.
Gear Pitch: 1.0 MOD.
Servo's: Sold Separately.
Product Weight: 8.6 lb (3.9kg).
Tire Tread: Hoons™.
Vehicle Type: All-Road.
Battery: Sold Separately.
Ground Clearance: 0.59 in (15mm).
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.8:1.
Product Length: 28.74" (730 mm).
Spur Gear: 39T.
Suspension: Independent.
Wheel Width: 1.69 in (43mm).
Charger: Sold Separately.
Differential: Two Oil-Filled Metal Gear Diffs.
Receiver: Sold Separately.
Shock Type: 3.03 in (77mm) FR, 3.43 in (87mm) RR. Aluminum Oil-Filled.
Front Track: 12.2 in (310mm).
Inner Tire / Outer Wheel Diameter: 3.27 in.
Product Width: 12.28" (312 mm).
Radio: Sold Separately.

Scope of delivery:

1x ARRMA® LIMITLESS™ 1/7 Scale All-Road Speed Bash Roller.
1x Clear body.
1x Decal sheet.
1x Window masking film.
1x User manual.

Required Parts:

1x 2+ channel remote control and receiver.
1x High-torque metal gear steering servo.
1x Electronic speed controller (8S recommended).
1x Motor (50 series - max. dimensions 4.33" length x 1.97" diameter, 0.98 in (25mm) screw pitch).
2x 4S LiPo battery.
1x Compatible LiPo charger.
1x Mod 1 pinion (suitable for the selected motor).

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