M415502A, Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy (Opt.) 1pcs.


M415502A, Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy (Opt.) 1pcs.

Alloy tuning parts for the MCD Racing enthusiasts. We JFC Racing have tested these parts during the European Championship 2014 on many team drivers cars.
The result have shown very good qualities on extreme conditions.
The parts are CNC machined from high quality 7075 billet-alloy.

The advantages of the clutch housing is once a better heat transfer between engine / clutch & Chassis.
All components can stay cooler and generate more power.
Of course at this point, the open design of the aluminum housing helps as well.
Furthermore, the bearing seat for the clutch bell is slightly better and even under load stays everything in place so that the drive train should run more smoothly.

Scope of delivery:

1x Clutch holder Aluminum.
2x Ball bearing 17 x 30 x 7 mm.
1x Clutch Holder / Brake Plate Mounting Bridge (Aluminium)(M415802A).
2x Shim 16 x 22 x 0.5 mm.
2x Countersunk allen bolt M5 x 16 mm.

Matches on:

MCD RR5 Line.
MCD XR5 Line.
MCD W5 Line.
MCD XS5 Line.

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