M262501X, Hydrax Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front Set 1pcs.


M262501X, Hydrax Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front Set 1pcs.

After an extremely careful development phase, the long-awaited hydraulic brake system from MCD for the 5 series is finally ready for the market.
The meticulous tests were carried out under all conceivable conditions in on- and off-road racing.
The vented disc design reduces weight while preventing overheating.
In this way, consistent and reliable braking performance can be ensured at all times.
With the HYDRAX brake system from MCD, you get an extremely precise brake for the front and rear axles, which can be balanced using the remote control.
Another feature is the new steering lever on the front axle, the new design and the adapted geometry also give you more mechanical grip (i.e. steering) on the front axle.

General Features:

Extremely constant and consistent braking power no overheating.
Adjustable front to rear brake balance via remote control.
More powerful / more stopping power compared to mechanical brake.
More steering through new steering arm geometry.
Suitable for On-Road & Off-Road.
Ideal also in connection with a freewheel on the front axle.
Fully assembled and filled with mineral oil.

Matches on:

MCD RR5 Line.
MCD XR5 Line.
MCD W5 Line.
MCD XS5 Line.

Scope of delivery:

Fully assembled and filled brake system for the front axle.
Brake cylinder including hoses.
2x syringes for venting or refilling.
Linkage for linkage.
Small Parts & Accessories.

Required Parts:

Radio plate M930301X.
4-channel remote control & receiver.


When refilling, ONLY use mineral hydraulic oil!.

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