M300203A, Alloy Wishbone Holder Front 1pcs.


M300203A, Alloy Wishbone Holder Front 1pcs.

The high-quality and precisely manufactured aluminum brackets for the swingarms allow toe-in, caster, kick-up and anti-squat to be adjusted.
The advantage over the originals, however, is that you only have to turn or swap the inserts to adjust the caster or anti-squat, for example.
Only the front aluminum holder has to be dismantled.
The entire axle including swingarms, dampers and stabilizers remains in the vehicle.
That saves a lot of time, which you usually don't have much of at the races.

Another advantage lies in the tensile strength, so you can use it to touch up the barriers or have contact with others, the swingarm stays where it is and the ride goes on.

We think it's a great option, especially for drivers who attend racing events.

Matches on:

MCD RR5 Line.
MCD XR5 Line.
MCD W5 Line.
MCD XS5 Line.

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