JFC 30302, Servo Arm Single Titanium 1pcs.


JFC 30302, Servo Arm Single Titanium 1pcs.

Servo single arm from the high quality servo arm series by JFC Racing.
This single servo horn in titanium optics is made of high quality aluminum with complex CNC milling.
Manufactured with the greatest precision, it is not only ideal for all high-quality models in which a servo with a 15-tooth shaft is installed, but a must for everyone who values ??maximum safety and reliability.
Thanks to the double clamp screw connection, it not only sits perfectly on the servo gearbox, NO it is also doubly secured against accidental loosening from the servo.

For example, it is perfect for steering when two servos are used in parallel.
But also for other purposes it is a very good choice if you want a one-sided arm.

This EXTREMELY LONG servo arm is perfect for steering when large levers are required.
Thanks to the long lever, there are new possibilities in terms of linkage and performance.

With a toothing of 15 teeth, it fits perfectly on almost all large-scale servos or servos with 15 teeth at the output.
No matter whether e.g. the Savöx SV-0235, the Rhino Pro SHV, Hitec D845 & D840 WP series, Spektrum S9010 & S9020, K-Power DM700 or the original Losi 5ive-T servo and many more.

A clamping screw which pulls the teeth together a little and thus optimally encloses the servo output ensures maximum safety.
It also prevents the servo arm from jumping off should you lose the upper screw.
Servo arm & servo horns from JFC Racing, the first choice in terms of safety, performance, versatility and value for money!

General Features:

Mega stable.
Perfect power transmission.
Optimal fit on the servo.
Double screw connection against involuntary loss.
Suitable for almost all large model servos.

Technical Specifications:

for 15 tooth servos.
Length: 44mm.
Hole spacing:
30mm (middle / outside).
15mm (middle / inside).
5mm (hole to hole).
Total height: 9mm.
Arm thickness: 4mm.
Arm width: max.18mm / min.9mm.
4 holes with M3 thread.
Weight: 9,2 gram.

Matches on:

JX 130KG.
JX 2070MG & 2060MG.
Rhino Pro SHV.
Hitec 805.
Hitec D845 & D840.
Savöx SV-0235 & SV-0236.
Spectrum S9010 & S9020.
K-Power DM4000.
LOSI S901T & S900S (Original 5ive-T).
And many more servos with 15 teeth crown.

Scope of delivery:

Aluminum Single servo arm.
2 x M2.5 x 8mm screws.

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