GFB1026, Losi 5ive-T Rear Arm Mudguards (Down Force) 2pcs.


GFB1026, Losi 5ive-T Rear Arm Mudguards (Down Force) 2pcs.

These "Mud Guards" are indispensable on the Losi 5ive-T Short Course Truck.
In fact these are for the rear arms and require no further adjustments for mounting.
While driving, they prevent the drive shafts from being damaged by stones and other flying objects.
But even better, they provide MORE and most importantly DIRECT downforce on the rear axle.
More downforce always means more grip, so better performance, which is also reflected in the lap times.

When driving on wet or muddy roads, you also prevent the dirt from accumulating in the rear arms, axle and wheel carrier, making them more mobile and safeguarding the whole geometry.
Due to the design, there is less air turbulence and the air can flow optimally over the vehicle.

General Features:

More downforce on the front axle
Low air turbulence
Optimal protection of the wheel axles
The whole geometry is maintained, even when riding in the mud
No drilling or adjustments have to be made
Just screw it on & you're done

Matches on:

Losi 5ive-T & 0.2
Rovan LT.
KM X2.

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