M00525001, XR-5 Rally Max Pro Rolling Chassis 1pcs.


M00525001, XR-5 Rally Max Pro Rolling Chassis 1pcs.

The perfect compromise between terrain and road, whether parking lot, gravel & forest paths, meadows or the racetrack.
With this 1/5 large model from MCD Racing the XR5 Rally you are given a large model that will never let you get out of your amazement and dreams.
True to the motto "Have Fun & Enjoy", it not only masters small jumps but also convinces with extreme speed and fabulous handling characteristics.
We offer you this model in different variations, from the bare chassis to the RTR (Ready to Run), as a newbie without any previous knowledge, you get everything you need to get started right away.
But even experienced pilots receive a platform that leaves nothing to be desired and the best ...
The update & tuning options are inexhaustible.

General Features:

-new multi hole shock towers for a perfect setup made of aluminum
-new double disc brake system like the "Ultimate" top version
-Long wheelbase for better balance and more steering
-Improvedt 4WD all-wheel drive including independent suspension
-Wider track for better off-road handling
-Aluminium oil pressure shock absorber with double piston system
-Ball drive for maximum frictional connection and minimum wear of the drive
-Rigid axle in the middle for a real rally cross feeling and endless propulsion
-CNC milled aluminum chassis struts on the rear axle for stabilization
-800ml sized tank for travel times of up to 50 minutes and lamellar filter incl.
-CNC milled clutch bell holder incl. Chassis cross brace ensure precise working of the clutch and a long service life with optimal cooling
-Quick change device for gasoline engine incl. Tuned pipe & air filter
-Double servo linkage for the steering already included as an option
-Aerodynamic side pans and bumpers ensure perfect downforce and maximum grip
-Steel differentials on the front and rear axles can be locked with oils
-Airflow system on the engine & tuned pipe ensure perfect cooling
-CNC milled aluminum intermediate shaft holder reduces unbalance and increases the smoothness of the drive
-Stabilizers on the front and rear axles reduce the tendency to roll when cornering quickly
-Fully adjustable chassis (toe-in, caster, camber, roll center, damper position, wheelbase, weight balance, reduction, kick-up, vehicle height, downstroke, and much more.)
-Easy & quick dismantling of all important components during maintenance work
-Central & extremely low center of gravity ensure superior performance
-CNC milled 7075 T6 aluminum chassis = indestructible
-Gas and brake linkage can optionally be controlled via 1 or 2 servos
-Ultra hardened steel differential & drive gears
-Double "Viper" air filter for maximum engine protection even in the dustiest conditions
-Extremely robust roll cage that is perfectly adapted to the body provides protection in the event of rollover Dust and dirt protection sleeves on the drive train reduce wear
-Beautiful double rear spoiler for traction on the rear axle
-Cool & dynamic / aggressive body with detailed plastic components

Product Details:

Length: 1010mm
Width: 480mm
Height: 325mm
Ground clearance: 25-42mm
Weight ready to drive: approx. 14.8
Wheelbase: 610-620 (adjustable)
Track width: 410mm
Aluminum: 7075 anodized
Suspension: independent suspension
Caster angle: 14 ° chassis (-4 ° - 16 ° adjustable)
Camber: adjustable + & -
Toe-in: adjustable toe-in and toe-out
Anti-Squad: 3 ° adjustable
Rear squad: 5 °
Kick-Up: 8 ° - 10 ° adjustable
Shock absorber: Oil pressure double piston high pressure damper
Drive: permanent 4WD all-wheel drive
Reduction: 7.88: 1
(changeable via pinion & main gear from 6.92 - 10.11)
Tires: 65 x 160mm profile Slic Performance

Scope of delivery:

Pre-assembled MCD XR5 Pro MAX Rally chassis
Unpainted XR5 Rally body including attachments
Roll cage including mounting accessories
Double-layer foam filter "Viper"
Airflow System (in connection with optional Barracuda tuned pipe)
2-stage rear spoiler
Wheel nut wrench
Small parts & accessories
Decal sheets and decal sets

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