JFC 0750, Fuel Tube Quick Coupling set (male / female)(Kent) 1pcs.


JFC 0750, Fuel Tube Quick Coupling set (male / female)(Kent) 1pcs.

KENT is a name that stands for years of experience and products of the highest level with maximum quality.
Are you tired of all that mess with fuel when you want to disassemble the engine or tank of the RC car, boat or plane.

Then this KENT shortcut set is exactly what you are looking for.
The closure can be easily opened or closed.
By turning the handy banjonet closure 90° without much hassle.

More importantly, a special mechanism on the inside automatically closes the openings on both sides and prevents fuel from leaking even under pressure.

Simply install between the existing fuel hose in the inlet and / or return line and you're done, assembly takes less than 2 minutes.

Product Details:

Built-in valve automatically opens and closes the fuel line, even under high pressure.
Close the fuel hose 100%.
Cleaner, faster and easier disposal of tanks or engines.
Quick and easy to open, even possible with one hand.
Mechanism can be opened and closed again and again for long life.
small dimensions for an uncomplicated installation.
Close securely thanks to the noticeable click of the mechanism.
Suitable for fuel hose with an inner diameter of 3.0 to 4.0 mm.

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