CR 0824, Craftwerks MSD HP Spark Plug Wire (Grey) 1pcs.


CR 0824, Craftwerks MSD HP Spark Plug Wire (Grey) 1pcs.

Check out the first product to come from the minds of CRAFTWERKS-RC.
Its a high quality MSD spark plug wire, terminal and boot that are made to be a direct replacement to your stock plug wire found on all Zenoah and CY engines.
Comes complete with glue lined heat shrink and instructions.
Requires installer to remove fan cover for proper installation.
When used with stock plastic spark plug cover, it does make for a tight fit but it does fit.


1. remove fan coverfrom engine exposing the coil.
2. Remove existingspark plug wire bijunscrewing from coil counterclockwise.
3. slide shrink tube over new wire and thread into coil.
4. Slide shrink tube over joint between coil and wire then use heat gun to shrink tight.
5. Reassemble fan cover and install boot into plug, depending on what spark plug is used trimming the bottom of the boot may by necessary for proper fit.


It is recommended to apply a bead of epoxy or silicone to wire connection before installing shrink tube

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