PDI-HV2070MG, Digital High Voltage Servo 73kg JX Servos PDI-HV2070MG 15T 1pcs.


PDI-HV2070MG, Digital High Voltage Servo 73kg JX Servos PDI-HV2070MG 15T 1pcs.

The JX PDI-HV2070MG servo in Jumbo format
The servo for all heavy applications such as all scale 1: 5 large scale cars, large boats and aircraft.
Specially designed to handle large forces, 7.4volt (LiPo) compatible, with robust metal gears, sturdy and smooth ball bearings, aluminum housing, heavy duty servo levers and mounting material.

The newly developed super high 12 bits (4096 steps) resolution microprocessor processes the signal pulses even faster and more accurately.
The HV2070MG is equipped with a precision coreless motor that delivers a lot of power and reacts very smoothly, efficiently and quickly.
This servo is also equipped with O-rings against the ingress of dust and moisture.

The HV2070MG servo is the ideal choice for the serious driver who appreciates the added value of speed, power and durability of a sublime servo.

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- Dimensions (mm): 65.8 x 30 x 57.4
- weight (g): 200 grams.
- Speed: 0.15 sec / 60 ° @ 6.0V / 0.13 sec / 60 ° @ 7.4V
- Torque kg-cm: 62.0 @ 6.0V / 73.0 @ 7.4V
- Ball bearing (number): 2.
- Gear wheels: metal.
- Housing: Aluminum / Plastic.
- Output shaft: 15 teeth (Futaba compatible) (FG 6538/1 aluminum siphon).
- HV2070MG Digital Coreless servo.
- Jumbo format Coreless Digital Servo.
- High-end technology with very high 12 bits (4096) resolution.
- Extremely powerful with 73kg-cm of torque.
- Thanks to the fast and strong Coreless motor, the performance is very good and the operation is smooth, fast and efficient.
- The design of the aluminum housing not only gives the HV2070MG servo a special appearance, it also serves as a heat sink for the Coreless motor.
- With the integrated cooling, the Coreless motor stays cool and the operation powerful and smooth.
- Super strong and very accurately manufactured steel gears.
- Special design top cover for precise guidance of the gears.
- Double high-quality ball bearings.
- Ideal for Large Scale Touring Cars and Large Scale. Buggys.

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