MO 108122, Motul® Fuel System Clean (300ml) 1st.


MO 108122, Motul® Fuel System Clean (300ml) 1st.

MO 108122, Motul® Fuel System Clean (300ml) 1st.

Cleaner for carburettor 4 & 2-stroke petrol engines

Application: Maintenance and care products

Products: Leisure, Motorcycle, Scooters, RC Cars

Removes coking in the combustion chamber, resinification in the carburettor, sticking of the injectors and condensation in the fuel system.
Achieved with regular use best engine performance, significant fuel economy and longer life. Stabilizes the fuel.
Especially recommended for wintering.
Fuel system cleaner especially for smaller 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines as they are used in RC cars, scooters and mopeds.
Especially recommended for direct injection.

Thus also ideal for our 23-80ccm engines!

Soiling such as:

Coking in the combustion chamber
Resins in the carburetor
Gluing the injectors
Condensation in the fuel system be removed reliably.
Highly effective lubricants protect the fuel system during the cleaning process and prevent the deposition of dissolved particles.

Ideal also to bring engines and carburetor safely over the winter, so it bows, for example.
Also the bonding of the membrane in carburetor before.


A clean fuel system is a prerequisite for clean and effective combustion.
It gives the engine the best performance for regular use with no extra work required for:
a powerful performance
smooth operation
improved performance works
fuel stabilizing
significant fuel economy
longer life of the components of the fuel system.


A can of Fuel System Clean should be added to the fuel before refueling for extended downtime (wintering) and regularly every 6 months.
The entire fuel system is automatically cleaned from the tank to the combustion chamber.

The content of a can is sufficient for a fuel quantity of up to 50 liters.

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