JFC 7352, HQ Fuel Line (Yellow)(500mm) 1pcs.


JFC 7352, HQ Fuel Line (<FONT COLOR=ffff00>Yellow</FONT>)(500mm) 1pcs.

JFC 7352, HQ Fuel Line (Yellow)(500mm) 1pcs.

High Quality Tygon Fuel Line for all bigscale engines.
Made of high quality resistant material.
Can be used for both supply and return.
But is also suitable for other purposes, eg protection of various brake lines.

Product Details:

Very flexible.
Does not nod.
Does not cure.
Dimensionally stable (also under pressure).
Fuel and oil resistant (E5 and E10).
Resistant to chemical influences (bio-ethanol).
Semi transparent yellow.


Inner diameter 3.2 mm.
Outside diameter 6.0 mm.
Length 500 mm.

When ordering several lengths of 500mm, you will receive this hose in 1 length, (eg 2x 500mm = 1000mm etc. etc. up to a max 7.5m).

FG Part Nr: 07352.
HPI Part Nr: 87468.

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