NGK-3066, NGK Spark Plug Original CMR7H 1pcs.


NGK-3066, NGK Spark Plug Original CMR7H 1pcs.

A spark plug may seem inconspicuous, but its effect is huge.
For example, it influences consumption, performance and starting behavior, not to mention the service life.
So don't settle for anything less than the optimum!
These standard candles in compact design fit in almost all standard gasoline engines in model construction.
Thanks to the very compact design compared to the Iridium candles, for example, the candles are optimally protected from damage in the vehicle.
In most of the engines that are offered for large models or that are delivered with the cars, this CMR7H is installed as standard.
It is the classic all-round spark plug for every situation.

General Features:

NGK branded product.
Best material quality.
Lowest manufacturing tolerances.

Technical Specifications:

Thread diameter: M10 x 1,0 mm.
Thread length: 12,7 mm.
Heat value: 7 (ideal all-round spark plug at all temperatures).
Hexagon screw size: 16,0 mm.
Interference suppression resistor: resistance.

Matches on:

BWS Engines.
Chung Yang Engines.
HPI Feulie Engines.
LOSI Engines.
Zenoah Engines.
And/or similar Engines.

The best way to clean a spark plug is with a hard toothbrush and some brake cleaner or petrol,
Never use a wire brush, it will damage the core and thread of the spark plug

Zenoah part Nr:3699-91876.
FG part Nr: 07343/08.
RBTN Part Nr: ZN0112.

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