JFC 0702/1, JFC High Performance Race carburateur met lagers WT-990 (2de generatie) 1st.


JFC 0702/1, JFC High Performance Race Carburetor With Bearings WT-990 (2nd generation) 1pcs.

This amazing High Performance Race carburetor from JFC Racing has been Awarded Best of Best

This Special JFC-Racing WT-990 HP Race carburetor is equipped with 2 super smooth-running dust-tight ball bearings that ensure a clearance between the ball bearing and the gas shaft.
The ball bearings rotate very smoothly due to the special shape of the rubber seal and the very high quality grease. the rubber seal ensures a perfect seal so that dust and sand cannot penetrate into the bearing
Two Teflon rings have also been mounted to protect the rubber seal.

This special JFC-Racing WT-990 HP carburetor has no wear on the carburetor and gas shaft.
Prevents sand from penetrating through the spell space on the throttle rod.
Prevents the throttle rod from sticking due to contamination.
Prevents sand from entering the cylinder through the carburetor.
Prevents false Air from entering the cylinder, making the engine more difficult to adjust.
Improves the durability of the carburetor and engine.
Highly recommended for tuned engines.

Matches on:

BWS Engines.
Chung Yang Engines.
HPI Feulie Engines.
LOSI Engines.
Zenoah Engines.
And/or similar Engines.

2nd Generation:

Experience has shown that the 1st generation carburetor with metal sealing rings sometimes caused problems.
The seal of the bearing can be damaged by wear of the steel rings.
This is now a thing of the past, the rings have now been replaced by self-lubricating Teflon rings.
These teflon rings no longer wear, which increases the durability of the carburetor even more.

In short, the Best of the Best carburetor that you can buy.

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